Bichon Rescue Considerations

Bichon rescue groups do not exist formally here in Canada and we only have one bichon frise breed club for the whole country. Small breed and bichon rescue groups exist in the United States however.

There is the issue of transport costs and importing a foreign dog to Canada, but this can be done and is done. 

Here,   BFCC  members will adopt or foster a bichon in need if they are able, but it is done through word of mouth within  the club. Here on the West Coast we are in communication with our sister American bichon club and often relay information about potential foster homes or unite a perspective family with the U.S.A. rescue club.

We love our breed and do our very best to help and promote the bichon frise.  

Something to keep in mind with rescues is that there may be a lot of baggage coming with this dog  in the form of health and temperament issues. It takes a special person to take that risk and it is wonderful to hear of so many happy successful adoptions.

What is very  hard for any rescue,  is being returned to a shelter because things did not work out. It is especially hard on a bichon as they are companion animals and  attach to their owners quite quickly.

Please think carefully if you are going to go this route.