Breed suitability & puppy versus rescue bichon

Another consideration that should be high on the buyers priority list is the suitability of the breed to your family. There are different things to consider when looking at a puppy purchase versus adopting a rescue bichon or older dog.

Most folks I speak with are looking for that adorable puppy, rather than the adult rescue or bichon needing  to be placed in a forever home.

Because bichons are a sturdy little breed, I generally recommend that the youngest age of children in the home be about age 5 years. Families with several toddlers under this age are best to wait until their children are able to understand what" No" means and  can learn animal safety do's and don'ts.

Any puppy who is dropped at a young age could be seriously injured. An 8-10 week old bichon may only weigh  three to four pounds. I have certainly heard of baby bichons who have sustained  broken legs due to a fall from a couch or being stepped on by a rambunctious toddler. 

Cardinal Rule #  3: 

The minimum age for families with children wanting a bichon puppy, should be 5 years old or older for animal safety.