Expect to pay for what you get. In other words, puppies from a good breeder do not come cheap. There is no money to be made from the occasional litter that show breeders have. Considerable expense is incurred to take dogs to championships, often in both Canada and the United States  and to complete all the health testing and pay stud fees, often in the $2000 range. 

Vet care, puppy delivery costs, food  & registrations, are all on top of the basic costs to the breeder. 

The prudent breeder will also only sell a puppy on a non-breeding contract to prevent back yard breeding practices. Some breeders will also want to co-own the puppy with you , which can be helpful, as it provides a connection between you and the breeder for life.

At the time of writing in March 2015,puppies from  champion show stock bichon frise are about $2000.  It is totally up to the breeder what they sell their puppies for.