Owner lifestyle considerations

The bichon frise is a companion animal. It's instinct to be with people is very strong and is seen easily in  the bichons personality and  behavior. They are happiest around people, unlike a hunting dog who is in   glory in a field chasing a scent. To thrive and be happy, a bichon needs its family around and loves to even follow its  pack around the house. They are, by all accounts, in your face, up close and personal. They love to cuddle, sit on your lap and drape over your shoulders to find any way possible to be close to you . A bichon regularly left alone for extended periods will be an unhappy bichon ! 

This is a major consideration for those looking to make a bichon part of their family. How much time do you spend at home?  Are you planning on taking your dog everywhere with you? 

One of the first questions I ask perspective puppy buyers or adoptive families of an older Bichon is, "Who is home during the day? " and "How long is your bichon going to be alone every day?”

If I hear, "We both work full time and are away from home for 10 hrs a day",I usually say , "I  don't think this dog breed is for you."

Cardinal Rule #  1:

 A happy bichon is one whose owners have someone around MOST of the time.