Code of Ethics

It will be the aim of every breeder to breed dogs that are healthy and sound in both mind and body, to ensure that the dogs are true to their heritage and that they meet the requirements of the CKC Breed Standards. To be sure that dogs bred meet these requirements, breeder members of the Bichon Frise Club of Canada agree:

  1. To breed Bichon Frises that conform as closely as possible to the Canadian Kennel Club standard for the breed.
  2. To breed only from stock that is physically and temperamentally sound and to refuse stud service to any bitch that is not eligible to be registered, or that shows obvious defects.
  3. Not to sell or donate Bichons to commercial dog wholesalers, laboratories or raffles.
  4. To maintain consistently high standards of health and care of their dogs.
  5. To keep accurate records of stock, breedings and pedigrees.
  6. To not knowingly breed any Bichon that has biological defects common to the breed. These are hip dysplasia, luxating patellae, and juvenile cataracts. All Bichons under consideration for breeding will be tested for these defects. Proof of this testing must be made available to puppy buyers.
  7. To provide an extended pedigree, instructional material, permanent identification and a veterinarian health certificate at time of sale.
  8. To guarantee all puppies free of any and all communicable diseases for ten days after leaving the breeder's premises.
  9. Not to allow a puppy to leave the breeder's home before the age of at least eight weeks.
  10. To include in all puppy sale contracts the proviso that any puppy which must be re-homed is to be returned to the breeder or placed in a new home approved by the breeder. The breeder shall be given first refusal on the dog in question.
  11. To sell all pet puppies with the Canadian Kennel Club non-breeding agreement.
  12. Not to breed a bitch until she is at least 1 year of age.
  13. To put in writing all breeding agreements between breeders, in order to protect both parties and buyers.