Bichon Bash Sept 2014

October 26, 2014 - 6:34 pm

The Bichon Bash held here in Winnipeg was a huge success. As you can see the dogs and their owners were having a great time playing musical towels. This years event had to be postponed due to rain, we usually hold this event in the month of June. The Bichon group then decided to hold the event the first week in September and we had a beautiful day for our party. The dogs held a meet and greet, and so did the owners. The Manitoba Friends of the Bichon Frise would like to thank all the people for coming and all so thank all those that worked so hard hosting this party for the dogs. Wayne Morrow did a great job of announcing, Carla Morrow was our clown of the day, Erin McMullan was kind enough to take pictures for us, I just wish I could post them all there are a lot of them. The Manitoba Friends of the Bichon Frise would all so like to thank the Royal Canadian Legion BR 215 East St Paul for allowing us to hold our party in the totally fenced in yard, it is a great safe place for all of us to get together. The MFBF have found this is a great way to meet and have fun with other Bichon owners, who by the way are looking forward to the next Bash.