Web Site Information

May 12, 2014 - 8:56 pm

Hi all Bichon members; 

We at the web site would like to update some of the information for the members about the site. 

1. We did ask that members send in pictures of their dogs and wins to the site. I was told there could have been some confussion as to what pictures can be sent. Members can send photos from their camera's, cell phones, or photos they have saved on their computers. You can even include an small write up about the pictures. The only thing we ask is that the pictures be kept under 10MB.

2. The web site has a breeders list and a map. In this set up there is all so a portion where the breeder can send in a write up about their kennel.   This will give future buyers of the Bichon Frise some thing to read about your set up. If the breeder has a web site let us know and that too can be added to the information about your kennel. 

So I hope this will clear up some of the confussion. If you have any questions please contact the web site.